Here are some photos from our recent trips. Is it the size
of the fish or the smile of the angler that tells the best story?

Girl with morwong
Bloke with morwong

These are typical deep sea bream or blue morwong (Nemadactylus douglasii) and are one of our most commonly caught quality table fish.

Another bloke with a morwong
A bloke with a snapper
Another bloke with a snapper
Yet another bloke with a snapper

Snapper (pagrus auratus) is considered a top catch by most anglers.
One of our regulars said his lifetime ambition was to catch a big snapper … now it is to catch a bigger one!

Beenie and snapper
Clinton with snapper
Chinaman with snapper
Big flathead
Girl with flathead
Girls with flathead

Some say a fillet of flathead (platycephalus fuscus) in batter with chips is as good as it gets!

Bloke with string of flatties
Smiling bloke with flattie
Blokes with string of flatties
Six-spine leather jacket

The six-spined leatherjacket (Meuschenia freycineti)
is a very colourful fish and suberb to eat as well.

Blue groper


Here is an eastern blue groper (Achoerodus viridis). 
This interesting fish changes sex as it ages. 
The young are all reddish-brown females and 
become bright blue males as they get bigger. 
The fish above seems to be partway through a sex change.

Small mako shark

A small mako shark – built for speed and power!

Bloke with Mulloway

The mulloway (Argyrosomus japonicus) is a welcome catch
at any time. One of these on the end of the rod gets the
adrenalin pumping … and they are delicious to eat

Bloke with Mako shark

We call him… “Mako Man”!

Another gurnard
Another gurnard

The red gurnard (chelidonichthys kumu) with its wonderful wing-like pectoral fins is an unusual looking fish.