Tuesday 9th August 2016

Colin celebrates 32 years on Port Jackson

Colin Wishart

Another milestone. It is exactly 32 years to the day that I first sailed on Sydney Harbour on the 60ft Trawler “Celtic Chief

According to my records I have now operated on Port Jackson for 100,000 hours plus.

During this time I have operated 57 different vessels

Owned Sydney Harbour Fuel, Sydney Water Taxis, Sydney Harbour Security Services, Blue Water Taxis, Award Water Taxis, North Sea Fishing and Whale Watching and Deep Sea Charters.

Owned, and refitted 10 different vessels, designing 4, refitting 5 and currently operating 3.

Through my work as a marine trainer I am delighted to note that I have been involved in the training of Over 100 Master Class 5 80 MED 3 200 Coxswains Over 500 General Purpose Hands 100 General Boat Licenses 75 Radio Operators 5 of my Students now own and operate their own vessels.

I would like to thank all my, Employers, Employees, Friends on Port Jackson for their help and friendship and look forward to many more years out there.

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