Update on Competition Fisher Peter Godfrey  Sponsored by Deep Sea Charters  Top 10  Australian for third year

Another year beckons with anticipation and expectations. 2014 was hot and cold but finished on a high with a win in the flathead classic on St Georges Basin with max taking out the hotly contested under 16 age group.

The mourning started rough. .. Five a.m. and the wind was whistling not even sun up, and the Basin can get big in these conditions. The plan was to head west into a tributary, a small arm we had fished before but not explored. Last time in there we pulled a couple of flathead, but there was a boat anchored 300m in so we decided not to annoy them (hard to believe) and come back next time, the system looked like it finished just past them. This time the fishing started slow but the area was protected from the wind. We fished the first section slow to be thorougher and thinking it didn’t go much further. Around the next bend it opened up into an expansive water way, what a surprise! We were getting a few taps on the line and the odd small flattie but nothing to write home about (lol).

As we pushed deeper into the system the action was picking up fish were jumping and you could sense something was going to happen. I had been casting the “Ecogear” blade then a good strike; moments later Max is on , double hook up! I get mine to the surface and in the net a 40 cm something, it’s a start. Max was fishing 3lb mono with a flash shad plastic, out of the depth comes a big lizard… get the net which by now my fish had wound itself in. As i frantically removed the fish Max played the flattie around the boat on a line as thick as a hair. One nick and it was gone. “The nets ready” Ishout, Max swims the larger fish towards me, net in the water it turns at the last moment, “damn don’t loose him” I offer as sound advice, “just net it” he barks back. One more shot at it and the job is done, 57 cm flathead, nice fish in these conditions. We fished this system picking up fish all the way for another 5 hours; We never did get to the end of it and our sounder was telling us that we were in the middle of a field and should be in 4 wheel drive…lol. We would like to thank deepseacharters.com.au for their continued support and look forward to a fishy 2015.



Colin Wishart

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