As yet another excellent week aboard was brought to a close the Kingfisher was proud to welcome HMAS Newcastle back after 6 months deployment. Met up with several crew and family members on Sunday night for a welcome home reunion.

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Update02 from Peter Godfrey’s Team Kingfisher

We are looking forward to the up and coming Australian Bream Championship Tournament, round at Mallacoota. Like all sports you have to keep refining your technique and with fishing your line ‘wet’. So team Kingfisher have been hard at it in the Shoalhaven river hunting primarily Bream and to a lesser extent Flathead. As you know in the semi-final we finished a respectable 15th with some of the more fancied teams not landing a fish. As a general rule in tournaments you go with what you know works or have confidence in. However in that tournament i tried a new soft plastic of a brand i have never used FISH ARROW FLASH J SHAD 3”. when i saw it in the shop it instantly looked the real deal. Like a small mullet with high reflectivity and a penny tail. Swimming it over a weed bed on a full tide yielded instant results it was being hit by bream and snapper when a nice 33 cm Bream came to the boat my confidence sored. It may have been caught on something else if it swam past its nose but it comes back to confidence…

I have since been using it in the Shoalhaven River and it works a treat After a day spent flathead fishing with flathead to 55cm We hit a Bream spot for a few more casts on the homeward stretch (See attached photo of a hard pulling 31 cm bream),. As skipper catching fish is only part of the equation you first have to find them, when we pulled up the sounder was showing large bait balls below which is always a good sign. ‘Match the hatch’ find out what the bait is and fish accordingly.

That’s all for now as we prepare for the St Georges Basin Flathead Classic in Two weeks, time for on pre fish and then it’s on. The twist to this comp is that there is a prize for heaviest flathead landed on fly….Look for update 03 to see who hooks who.



Colin Wishart

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