Tuesday 2nd September

What a good day, Picked up 2 nice 90 cm Kingfish on the lures and managed to find some nice Morwong and Flatties.

Sadly back came the wind and the rest of the week cancelled again.  oH WELL WHAT CAN YOU DO.  Weather abating for the Fathers Day weekend so heres hoping.  Colin

Monday 25th August 2014

Excellent fishing this week with some really good warwong and flatties. We had a very close encounter with a humpback and her calf. We had been following them for a little while at the mandated distance of 300m and then stopped and started fishing. The calf doubled back to come and investigate us and we were treated to the mother slapping the water with her flukes to discourage the youngster !!

IMG 2603 1


Colin Wishart

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